Girl Diamond Bracelet

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This 15 cm long sustainable silver girl’s bracelet with an embossed diamond medal is the first piece of jewellery every girl should receive to start filling her jewellery box.

We all have a little bracelet that reminds us of our childhood, and more than that, it anchors us to our feelings for the person who gave it to us.

Would you like your niece, daughter, granddaughter, etc. to have a silver bracelet that reminds her of you?

The traditional, the old and the customs never go out of fashion, that’s why this silver bracelet full of feelings and emotions enhances the diamond that every girl carries inside.


Sustainable Silver Girl Bracelet

Every little girl has a diamond inside her and it is us mothers who have to remind her of that. This little girl’s bracelet with the diamond medal is ideal to remind that little girl that she has a whole diamond to polish throughout her life.

Going back to the old, going back to the roots, going back to traditions is for me a way to honour sustainability and to anchor ourselves to our history.

How wonderful it would be if your daughter, your niece or your best friend’s daughter could experience the same feeling as you when she opens her jewellery box and finds a silver bracelet with the diamond that reminds her that she will be able to fulfil all her dreams.

This girl’s silver bracelet with the 10mm diameter diamond medal is ideal to become her first piece of jewellery.

Perfect as a gift….

  • At your niece’s christening. If you’ve just become an auntie and you’re overjoyed, give that little girl her first piece of jewellery full of meaning and sentiment.
  • For your best friend’s daughter’s first birthday. If your best friend has made you a “friend’s auntie”, make sure her first piece of jewellery is yours.
  • To your own daughter at any point in her life. If you are the mother of a precious little girl, give her the memory of her first piece of jewellery.

Don’t miss a detail:

This silver girl’s bracelet with the 10 mm diameter Luz de Nehca diamond medal is 15 cm long.

The medal is embossed with the Luz de Nehca diamond, highlighting the beauty within you.

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